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Terms + Conditions 



The Landowner allows the hirer to use the land Rescue Runners in accordance with the following terms and conditions:


This agreement does not create any rights over the land and the hirer accepts that the Landowner maintains control and possession of the field at all times.

 1) LIABILITY: No responsibility will be taken by the landowner for damage, death, injury, loss or illness sustained at the property, to animals or individuals whilst using the property. Vehicles parked on the property are left entirely at the owners’ risk. All damage and breakages to Rescue Runners will be paid for by the pet owner. No sub-letting will be allowed; the hirer must be in attendance during the rental period.

2) SUITABILITY: The Field is to be used as an area for the hirer to train, play with or exercise dogs and for no other purpose In times of bad weather it can be muddy or icy. . Daily inspections will be made by staff,. Rescue Runners allows visitors to use the field at their own risk and will not take any responsibility for any animals that escape or are injured. . The poo bags, treats and toys etc. can be used by the hirer at their own risk. 


3) VACCINATIONS: Any dog using dog using Rescue Runners must be fully up to date with routine vaccinations.


4) CHILDREN: Children are more than welcome. However, they must be supervised at all times by the renting adult. Climbing of gates, fences or surrounding trees is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. Any damage will be paid for by the renter.


5) HOUSEKEEPING: A bin will be supplied and serviced by the staff of Rescue Runners The dog owner will be required to clear up after their pets. We also ask that you return any toys etc. to a “as found state”. All dog mess MUST be cleared and we ask that you save the rescue money by taking it home and disposing in your own bin


6) ENTRY/EXIT: You will rent the field for 50 minutes per booking. Bookings are on the hour and you must vacate by 10 minutes to the hour. This is to ensure there is never a cross over between visitors.  Please arrive and leave on time. If you arrive late you will be unable to carry over the time. You will still be required to leave at 10 minutes to the hour, regardless of the arrival time. 

7) ACCESS CODES: Access codes will be changed on a regular basis.  The code will be emailed or text prior to booking. The code will be sent to you in your booking confirmation email. We reserve the right to change this up until the time of your booking. Please keep an eye out for any additional texts or emails before your booking as it could change from when your booking was made and confirmed. IT WILL BE THE HIRERS RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THE GATE IS LOCKED UPON EXIT.

PAYMENTS AND BOOKINGS: The owners have the right to amend the prices without prior warning. However, once a booking is made the price will not be changed. Payment of the full fee is required when booking. No booking will be valid without payment. Payment to be made through the website via the tab marked “Book Online” Bookings can be negotiated directly with the owners of Rescue Runners for professionals requiring regular training slots.

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